Monday, 14 September 2015

Ok,so I noticed that the Automated Teller Machine(ATM) is the easiest while some would say it’s the fastest way to cash money,anytime and anywhere,yes it is,but my question is,how safe is it?I ask because I’ve heard stories of how people get attacked after withdrawing money from an ATM,and their money snatched,and so many ugly stories,It’s even the main reason we don’t have change in the system,if you are withdrawing #1000,you will get a thousand Naira note,so let’s assume it is the money you have on you and want to enter a bus for #50,(get ready to receive insults from the conductor).At a point I suggested the banks should program the machine to give #50,#100 notes when a transaction below#5,000 is being made,that would only be fair I think.Please share any of your experiences with the ATM here,Whether pleasant or unpleasant.